Oppo Find X Android Superphone Rocks All-Screen Design With Motorized Pop-Up Camera

Oh display notch, how we barely knew thee. The iPhone X introduced the masses to the display notch on smartphone. Shortly after, Android manufacturers broke out their copying machines to implement similar designs on their flagships. Now, however, some rather inventive OEMs are looking past the stopgap notch in an effort to deliver smartphones that further maximize the amount of screen real estate available to users.

The latest of these phones is the Oppo Find X, which packs in a massive 6.4-inch 1080+ OLED display (92.25 percent screen-to-body ratio) with no display bezels or notches. But how does Oppo manage to account for the front-facing selfie camera? Well in this case, there is a motorized module that pops up from the top of the camera which houses the 25MP selfie camera and other sensors. The back of the module houses a dual camera setup (20MP, 16MP) and LED flash. 

oppo find x

According to The Verge, the camera module can move into the "ready" position within 0.5 seconds. That's fairly quick and hopefully won't get in the way if you need to take a quick shot (i.e. your kids when they do something unexpected or cute). The Vivo Nex also uses a pop-up module, but only for its selfie camera. Its rear-facing cameras are in the traditional position on the back of the phone. 

We have the feeling that Oppo's solution will be far more susceptible to damage. While the pop-up mechanism is no doubt intriguing, it would be prone to breaking after a few [inevitable] drops -- especially if you drop the device with the camera module in the open position. And how will third-party manufacturers handle cases for the phone? 

oppo find x

Moving on, the back of the smartphone is completely unadorned (with the camera module closed). There's no rear-mounted fingerprint reader, or any fingerprint reader to be found. Instead, the Find X uses 3D facial scanning (similar in concept to the iPhone X's Face ID system) that is mounted next to the selfie camera. 

On the specs front, the Find X is similar in many respects to other Android flagships, which means that it has a Qualcomm Snapdragon 845 processor, 8GB RAM, 256GB of internal storage and a rather large 3,730 mAh battery. However, its motorized design means that the Find X misses out on something that we've all taken for granted in today's phones: waterproofing.

With that being said, one big plus with the Find X is that Oppo has finally deemed the United States worthy to receive its phones. The Find X will arrive in North American "soon", so we'll be keeping you updated with pricing and carrier availability.

(All images courtesy The Verge)