Opera Mini 6 Lands For iPad And iPhone

While lots of attention are being flung in the direction of Firefox and Chrome these days (and the newest installment of Internet Explorer, to some extent), Opera is also making headway in the crowded browser market. Opera Mini 6 has just launched today for iOS; specifically, iPhone and iPad. It's available to download right now for free in the App Store, and it provides much-needed competition in a market dominated by Apple's stock Mobile Safari browser.

The company claims that this new browser features up to 90% compression of data traffic for "speed and cost savings," so even if you're on a terribly slow connection, you'll still be able to see the essentials. If you have an iPhone 4, the browser adapts to the high-resolution and changes the UI to accommodate the screen size, and the same goes for iPad. Among other things, here's the major changes:
- Much faster and smoother panning and zooming that lets the user get all the way into the details of every page, in one smooth motion
- Share buttons to share the love for a site to your friends on My Opera, Facebook, Twitter or vKontakte right from the Opera Mini 6 browser
- New jazzed-up skin and redesigned Opera menus