OpenAI Just Made ChatGPT Available To All Mac Users Without A Subscription

Screenshot of ChatGPT on Mac
During Apple's 2024 Developer Conference, Apple Intelligence was a big focal point for the presentation. To supplement the on-device AI, Apple also announced that it was working with OpenAI's ChatGPT with integration on its devices. OpenAI has now announced that you can download its ChatGPT app for the Mac, without needing a subscription. This desktop version will allow access to ChatGPT and offer various features, too. 

The primary use case for ChatGPT will be to ask it a question, ranging from the topical to various calculations or suggestions. The Mac app can also talk to you about items that appear on your screen. Your email, photos, and other files are also available to be used with ChatGPT. 

With a simple shortcut of option + Space bar, you can open the ChatGPT dialog bar. By opening the paperclip icon, you can ask ChatGPT to perform various actions. You can ask it to take a screenshot, which you will need to give permission on your Mac to allow it to do so. You can also upload a file or photo, and ask it questions pertaining to what you uploaded. 

Apple Intelligence, along with OpenAI integration, is coming in beta this fall to Apple devices. 

OpenAI X/Twitter post on ChatGPT for Mac.

Privacy concerns are paramount with the new onset of AI, which Apple has carefully navigated thus far with its on-device Apple Intelligence. OpenAI's ChatGPT is not on-device, however, but it will require the user to approve its access before using. Apple declined to work with Meta's AI apparently due to these concerns over privacy, opting instead for OpenAI to work alongside its Apple Intelligence. 

While the ChatGPT Mac app is a great start, it still remains much of a novelty until both users and the technology adapt to it. AI appears to have a learning curve, in needing to think differently about how you go about using your computer that is different than in the past. Companies like Apple should curate an AI experience to direct users in the best uses for AI as the technology progresses further. Access on both desktops and mobile devices is a great start, allowing the ecosystem to flourish as more users find practically in AI. 

OpenAI has the ChatGPT Mac app available for free as a download now, but you'll have to sign in or create an account for the app itself.