Open World Spider-Man Game Coming to PlayStation 4 Courtesy Of Insomniac


Spider-Man is bringing his brand of Marvel-ous justice to the PlayStation 4 console under the guidance of Insomniac, the same development studio that brought to life Spyro, Ratchet & Clank, and Sunset Overdrive. This will be the first IP Insomniac has worked on in its 22-year history that didn't originate in-house. However, the team is no less stoked to work on the project.

"From a personal and professional standpoint, this is a dream come true. I’ve been an avid Marvel fan all my life. When I first learned Insomniac was approached by our long-time friends and collaborators at Sony Interactive Entertainment with the opportunity to create a blockbuster Spider-Man console game experience, I practically ran into Ted’s office professing my passion for Spider-Man – along with a desire to serve as creative director," said Bryan Intihar, creative director of Insomniac.

Marvel also feels Spider-Man is in good hands, calling Insomniac a "perfect match" both because of the studio's world class developers and due to their ability to create story-driven experiences "bursting with personality, humor, and most importantly: fun...just like Spidey!" And that's what Insomniac plans to deliver.

In order to do that, Insomniac is deviating from the prior Spider-Man characters that have appeared in film. This is a new version of Spider-Man that Insomniac says you've never met before, one that represents a "more seasoned Peter Parker" that's better at fighting big crime in New York City. You get the impression from the trailer that he's tougher and a little more edgy, yet he'll still struggle to find balance between fighting crime and his "absurdly chaotic personal life and career."

You can expect Spider-Man to showcase plenty of acrobatic abilities, along with improvisation and of course lots of web slinging. There will also be some new elements ranging from traversing with parkour and utilizing the environment to new combat moves and blockbuster set pieces, Insomniac says.

We can hardly wait!