Oops! A Typo Gets Stamped On ASUS ROG's $700 Maximus Z790 Hero Evangelion Mobo

Closeup of ASUS ROG's typo on its Evangelion motherboard.
We've all misspelled words, and had the odd scolding or two from our school teachers. With the advent of spell checkers in electronic word processors, the incidents of embarrassing typos certainly has decreased over the years. ASUS, which is no stranger to unique and rare hardware, seems to have made a slip up. 

This error appears on their product pictures and official website, but also somewhere slightly more permanent. When motherboards are made, they go through an extensive string of assembly and testing processes that ensure they are free of defects and functioning as designed. We're guessing the one in charge of the text on the ASUS ROG Maximus Z790 Hero EVA-02 Edition motherboard is not a big fan of or all that familiar with Evangelion, as it incorrectly reads, Evangenlion with an extra "n" in the middle.

Front and back shots of the ASUS ROG Evangelion motherboard on a gray gradient background.

Can this typo perhaps make this motherboard a more unique collectors' item? We've surely seen misprints in collectable card games such as Magic The Gathering attain more value. The ASUS EVA-02 Edition already forms a more premium release that accompanies other components for fans of Evangelion. A special edition case, CPU cooler, power supply, and this motherboard are all part of the fun. 

This is one of those odd mistakes that don't really have any relevance to the performance or aesthetic appeal of the product, save from super-fans who may pull out their loupes for closer examination. ASUS regularly pushes out BIOS updates for their motherboards, but we fear even the best of updates will not change the physical nature of this oddity. 

Given the likely low production rate of this particular design of the ASUS Maximus ROG Z790 Hero, it won't be a widespread issue. The decision will likely come down to each individual owner of this motherboard, and we'd venture a guess that most won't notice or just accept the typo as a neat oddity.