Only The UK Loves ATI/AMD? Surely Not...

After spouting some rather harsh words about Intel, it seems that NVIDIA is not ceasing its vocal rampage against the competition.  This time the target is AMD and more specifically their graphics subsidiary, ATI. Recent comments by NVIDIA speak for themselves:

"The UK is the only place in the world where anyone talks about AMD or ATI".  To prove his point, [NVIDIA’s Roy] Taylor went as far as showing us a graph representing the entire market for GPUs last year, both discreet and integrated.  Astonishingly, ATI did not feature at all.

Where was ATI among the 366 million graphics chips which had apparently been split exclusively between NVIDIA and Intel in 2007? "No one cares," Taylor says.

In all candor this seems more like the statements of a company that is perhaps a bit troubled that the top two chipmakers are finding ways to integrate graphics into the CPU without them.   Since we see things from a different perspective here, we'd suggest to Mr. Taylor that AMD graphics options are certainly viable and as far as we know they’re not just languishing on shelves in the UK.
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