Only 21% Of Americans Are Alaskan Senators Now

I knew it felt crowded here on teh intarnets. They're a series of tubes, you know. According to a new Harris poll, 79% of American adults are currently using the Internet. And they report that they're spending an average of 11 hours a week online. Slackers.

The results reflect a steady rise since 2000, when 57 percent of adults polled said they went online. In 2006, the number was 77 percent.

When Harris Interactive, a market research firm, first began tracking online use among adults in 1995, the group found that only nine percent of the population -- or 17.5 million -- said they went online.

The poll also found that adults are spending more time online at home and at work, up two percent each at 72 percent and 37 percent respectively, from 2006. More dramatically, 31 percent of those surveyed said they went online elsewhere, up from 22 percent in 2006.

The study didn't track Americans under the age of eighteen, but HotHardware estimates Intenet use by children aged ten to eighteen would max out around 148%, since many have two FaceBook entries. Harris will have to invent a new poll category called: "Code 9 - Parent Over Shoulder" if they want to survey them.
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