OnLive Reportedly Considering Movie Streaming Service

Could OnLive get any bigger? Maybe. This start-up company has been all over the tech news with the release of their MicroConsole, which enables games to be played from anywhere that a broadband connection and HDTV is available. But it looks like the company may not be satisfied with stopping there. Gaming is a big industry, no doubt, but there's more to be had in the content universe. With Netflix being the dominant content streamer out there, OnLive is reportedly considering a rival service.

OnLive Chief Executive Steve Perlman recently stated: "Streaming technology is available to anybody. We want to work with the studios. All of these guys want to offer content, we're just here to distribute. OnLive can deliver any experience that Netflix can." They may have a point. For $9.99/month, they are already streaming games to gamers, so why couldn't they do the same with content?

The major hurdle would be aligning all of the major movie studios, which won't be easy. But it won't be as hard as it has been in the past, now that studios are sort of coming to grips with the reality that digital content distribution online is the new normal. The CEO wouldn't talk about pricing or things of that sort, but if a major Netflix competitor took to the market, it would almost definitely be a benefit to consumers.