Online Photoshop Beta Due This Year

Adobe has been preparing an online version of Photoshop for some time now, and it looks like we can stop holding our breath soon: a beta is likely to be out before the end of the year.

The beta is likely to start at Adobe's site, but it is entirely possible that we'll see variants of the online Photoshop, dubbed Photoshop Express, on sites like Photobucket soon thereafter:

“Adobe is introducing limited functionality Photoshop Express as part of its move to providing software as a service. Company chief executive Bruce Chizen has recently vouched his belief that online software will become the de facto standard for software distribution within the next decade.”

We're excited to see that Adobe is looking at the Web as a future release platform instead of just a way to hook new users on product variations with limited features.  It is going to be a very liberating day for consumers when we no longer have to locked into a given OS because of a software library that is tied to said OS.
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