Online Doomsday Clock for Shelter Dogs

Many of you have heard of the Doomsday Clock. The proximity of the minute hand to midnight has been the Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists' way of predicting the potential of nuclear war at first, and now doomsday for the human race in general terms. has a similar idea, and hopes to promote adoption of shelter dogs.

Each is tagged with a death date set by a shelter — and a countdown clock showing the days, or hours, until the animal is killed. works with more than 120 shelters nationwide that destroy dogs. How much time the dogs get before death varies from state to state. In New York City, for instance, a stray dog must be kept a minimum of three days, while a shelter has the legal right to immediately destroy an animal that is abandoned there by its owner.

In the three weeks since the site has been up, dozens of dogs have found new homes. Their photos are posted on a section of the site marked "Success Stories." The images of dogs that did not make it adorn the site's "In Memoriam" wall.

It must be said: the site will tug at your heartstrings.  If you visit it, the front page also keeps track of how many dogs have been euthanized just during your time there.  Certainly, it's a sobering thought.

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