OnePlus TV Finally Revealed With 55-inch QLED Panel And Trick Retracting 8-Speaker Soundbar

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After plenty of teasing and specs leaks, the OnePlus TV has finally been revealed for all to see. OnePlus is looking to shakeup the TV market in much the same way that it did with smartphones by delivering hardware that is big on features, while not draining your wallet (at least compared to the competition).

The first entry in the family measures 55-inches across, and it uses a QLED panel as we previously reported. It features a near bezel-free design that looks good to our eyes. In a shift from more traditional televisions in this space, the OnePlus TV takes a different approach with respect to its speaker arrangement. Instead of having fixed speakers, the OnePlus TV features a 50-watt, 8-speaker soundbar that actually retracts down from behind the display itself. OnePlus says that it delivers a true surround sound experience and supports Dolby Atmos 3D audio.

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We can definitely see the soundbar as being one of those incredibly cool features that you would want to show off to friends and family after you first setup the OnePlus TV. Of course, when not in use, the soundbar retracts back up to its home behind the panel. If you already have your own integral surround sound system that you'd rather tap into, there's a "Standard" model without the soundbar.

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As for the 4K display panel itself, it's made by Samsung (hence the QLED) and leverages a MediaTek MT5670 chipset to deliver HDR10+ and Dolby Vision support. Running the show is Google’s Android TV, which of course has OnePlus' own OxygenOS layer tuning atop it. We've been fans of OxygenOS for its light approach to Android "skinning", so we're eager to see that look applied to a device with a much larger display area.

OnePlus is being rather mum on additional specifications for the OnePlus TV, but we do have pricing... for the Indian market. The standard OnePlus TV Q1 will be priced at Rs. 69,900 (~ $985), while the OnePlus TV Q1 Pro with the retractable soundbar is priced at Rs. 99,900 (~ $1,400). Stay tuned as we gather more information on OnePlus' first foray into TVs.

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