55-Inch OnePlus TV Confirmed With QLED Panel And Tight Smartphone Integration

oneplus qled
We're beginning to learn a bit more about the OnePlus TV, which is set to go up against likes of Samsung and Sony in the marketplace, albeit hopefully at lower prices. A OnePlus exec has now confirmed specs for at least one model in the new smart TV product family.

According to the tweet from Akis Evangelidis, there will be a 55-inch model with QLED technology (it is not known is QLED tech will proliferate throughout the entire lineup). QLED has been championed by Samsung in its high-end television, and TCL has recently jumped onboard with its 8-Series Roku TVs. You can read more about QLED in our in-depth article right here.

Although the 55-inch model has now been confirmed by OnePlus, previous leaked information suggests that there will also be 43-inch, 65-inch, and 75-inch screen sizes to choose from. Other details gleaned in recent leaks include the fact that Google recently certified a device from OnePlus with the codename Dosa. Dosa is running Android TV, which shouldn't be too surprising given OnePlus' close relationship with Google.

Separately, OnePlus CEO Pete Lau presented his vision for the TV... or should we even call it that? "I believe the TV is no longer the TV, it will be a smart display,” said Lau in an interview with Gadgets360. "The TV will automatically tell you that this is your whole day's schedule, and it will actively give you everything that you need, versus being passive [and] show what you want to see.”

In essence, Lau sees the TV morphing into some sort of supersized digital assistant in the same vein as the Google Nest Hub or Amazon Echo Show. The OnePlus TV will also will have "seamless" integration with OnePlus smartphones, which is an obvious choice.

"We really want to take advantage of the current strong user base of OnePlus smartphones and to really improve what the current TV doesn't have, which is good interactions and user experience specially connecting with your smartphone and we want to improve that, and I believe that's going to be our advantage,” Lau continued.

"So, in the future how are we going to merge home Internet and mobile Internet will be the major trend. Who can be the ring leader to make the change — I think it's a smartphone company.”

At this point, we don't have a concrete timeline for the introduction of OnePlus' TV family.