OnePlus One Receives Permanent Discount To $249, 64GB Model Gains Dropbox Pro Bundle

Following the somewhat messy and unfortunate breakup with Cyanogenmod, the OnePlus team has an announcement that it hopes will ease the pain and entice its following to stay loyal -- the OnePlus One handset is now permanently priced at $249. That's a $50 savings over its previous price, and it all began with what was supposed to be a temporary discount.

"Last week, we announced a limited $50 discount on the OnePlus One. We were blown away by the response in sales and took a hard look at the numbers to make sure we were maintaining our commitment to our users," OnePlus stated in a blog post.

OnePlus and Dropbox

OnePlus ultimately deemed the experiment "a great success," and in keeping with its mission of disrupting the smartphone industry, the new price is here to stay. Part of the reason OnePlus is able to permanently offer the OnePlus One at $249 is because the cost of components, engineering, and assembly have all come down due to increased orders.

The new price isn't the only announcement. OnePlus has also teamed with Dropbox to offer users a special deal. Starting June 10th and effective for a limited time only, OnePlus will offer its 64GB OnePlus One handset and a one-year Dropbox Pro subscription bundle for $349.

It's a decent pairing, though with Google now offering unlimited photo and video storage, it will be interesting to see if the Dropbox deal is one that excites potential OnePlus One buyers.