One Step Closer To Never Leaving The Couch

Asus is releasing  new chipset motherboards that include onboard HDMI hookups, allowing you you to  supply high-definition content from your desktop to whatever screen you've got there handy, without resorting to a cabling nightmare

 The P5E-V HDMI and P5E-VM HDMI motherboards are outfitted with multi-display output modes and onboard HDMI. By delivering multi-channel audio and uncompressed digital video with HDCP found on HD DVD and Blu-ray discs via a single cable, HDMI simplifies cabling and allows users to transform their PCs into home entertainment solutions with full HD 1080p visuals, said Asustek. This will allow users to enjoy popular HD video content on large-screen TVs/monitors. Additionally, the bundled HDMI to DVI conversion adapter allows users to support DVI outputs.

It's as streamlined a solution as I've seen for looking at all that hi-def content you've been pillaging off the internet. The P5E-V will supply signal to up to four monitors simultaneously for multitasking goodness without tabbing like a madman. Soon all you'll need to decide is if you want to put the couch in front of your desktop monitor, or put your ergonomic office chair in front of your high-resolution television.

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