OK, I'll Carry It Around, But I Refuse To Watch It

At a speech given to the FT World Communications Conference, Google's VP of European operations Nikesh Arora predicted that the ever increasing storage capacity of devices like the iPod is going to allow you to carry around enormous amounts of media. Maybe all the video or audio there is. That's a lot.

Arora said, by 2012, iPods could launch at similar prices to those on sale now and yet be capable of holding a whole year's worth of video releases. Around 10 years down the line that could be expanded, creating iPods that can hold all the music ever sold commercially. He said: "In 12 years, why not an iPod that can carry any video ever produced?" The Google exec said tech is now pursuing a price volume game - searching for the price point at which content will take off for the mainstream. He added: "It's clearly begun happening," citing iTunes' 99¢ per song download model.

I imagine that no matter how compelling Mr. Arora's Power Point presentation is, there is no power on earth that could compel me to carry around the entire catalog of "Gilligan's Island." Maybe it's just me.

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