OCZ Z-Drive R4 PCI Express SSD Performance Preview

Today, OCZ is letting fly with the second coming of a VCA 2.0 product, this time squarely targeting the enterprise, datacenter and high-end workstation markets. Where OCZ's RevoDrive line targets more consumer-like price points, their Z-Drive line is about no holds barred performance for the enterprise. The Z-Drive R4 with VCA 2.0, the same SuperScale Storage Accelerator, and now an octet of SandForce SF-2200 controllers, has landed on our testbeds for a few cycles of the benchmark gauntlet. And oh yeah, it's packing a full 1.6TB (that's Terabytes) of usable capacity on board. As the old saying goes, let the games begin!

OCZ Z-Drive R4 Performance Preview