OCZ DDR2 Titanium, F.E.A.R. Performance Preview, and more!

Hey folks, today I came across a nice game performance preview. Some of you already know what I'm talking about... F.E.A.R. FiringSquad has had a chance to take a look F.E.A.R. using 7800GTX(SLI), 6800Ultra(SLI), 6800GT, X850 XT PE, and a X800 XL. Think the 7800GTX in SLI can handle it no problem? Well, you might want to see for yourself, but keep in mind the game is still in BETA form.

SunbeamTech 20 in 1 MultiFunction Panel and Anodized Fans @ PimpRig

"Like a kid on Christmas, I couldn't decide which one to open first so I went with the biggest box first, the 20-In-1 Superior Panel. Once I opened this sturdy box, I felt intimidated by what I saw. After all, the last time I hooked up a car stereo it had fewer wires packed inside the box than this one did. Thankfully, I came to my senses and actually remembered that I know what these wires were for (unlike the car stereo)."

OCZ DDR2 Titanium @ t-break

"These new Titanium series modules that were sent our way had an SPD setting of 4.0-2-2-8 at DDR533 speed which is certainly better than the standard ones timed at 4.0-4-4-12, however, its not too big of a departure. At these timings, we were able to overclock the modules to around DDR600 speed while lowering the timing allowed us to reach as high as DDR700 speed."

Seagate 5GB Pocket Hard Drive @ Viperlair

"Ultimately, not matter how good or bad a product is, most of us are going to be concerned about the price. At $122 USD, the Seagate 5GB Pocket Hard Drive rings in at little more than $0.02 per Megabyte. Compare this with a 4GB flash drive at $350 USD, which rings in at about $0.09 per meg, we can see the Pocket Hard Drive's value."

M1-ATX CarPC PSU Review @ Epiacenter

"The M1-ATX from Ituner is one such "intelligent" automotive power supply. It offers features that allow a properly installed mini-ITX system to respond appropriately (and, to a limited extent, configurably) to automobile ignition signals, as well as cope with the unstable voltages typically found in cars."