OCZ DDR Booster, Razer eXactMat, 500W PSU and Much More

Good morning friends, how was your weekend?  Things in my life have been extremely hectic over the past week or so.  Thankfully, it seems to be falling into place and my day-to-day schedule is reverting to somewhat sane hours.  Nonetheless, there is no better way to start the work week off then sitting down with a piping hot glass of juice...

 OCZ DDR Booster Reviewed @ VR-Zone Hardware

"The DDR Booster is an incredible device. Even at stock voltage of 2.9V, what I realized was when the DDR Booster was in the slot and running the DDR would overclock 2 FSB more than when it is not on the slot. This maybe OCZs patented PowerClean Technology at work. The PowerClean Technology gives the memory a cleaner and more stable power supply, resulting in more stable DDRs. Highest stable overclock speed on the Mushkin Level II was 252FSB (504MHz) with a 1:1 divider."

 Razer eXactMat Limited Edition Gaming Pad @ ExtremeMHz

"Not too long ago we got to take a look at the new Razer Viper, a 1000 dpi high performance laser mouse. Looking at the list that Razer gave for that particular mouse, it was clear that Razer also had high standards for the surface one uses with the Viper. Logically, that makes a lot of sense...could you see hooking up a set of generic speakers to a Carver amp or putting budget tires on a Ferrari? Even if you don't own a Viper, as long as you have a 700-800 dpi mouse there's no reason to have a cheap cloth mousepad. With that in mind, Razer has recently released the eXactMat...is it as good as the Viper? Let's take a test drive..."

 Ultra X-Connect Modular 500W PSU review @ hardCOREware.net

"The latest mod-inspired PC product is the X-Connect Modular Power Supply from Ultra Products. If you have been wondering what to do with all those unsightly, long, messy cables on your 500W PSU, Ultra has the best solution; don't install them at all! This is a product you have to see to truly appreciate..."

 GeForce 6800-series round-up @ Tech-Report

"CHOOSING A NEXT-GEN graphics card is tough. First, one has to decide between ATI's Radeon X800 family and NVIDIA's GeForce 6800 series. That decision alone is a daunting one, requiring one to weigh DOOM 3 performance, potential Half-Life 2 performance, the merits of NVIDIA's Shader Model 3.0 implementation, and ATI's stellar performance in current DirectX 9 applications. There's also the religion factor. These days, choosing between ATI and NVIDIA is like declaring a religious affiliation, and there's plenty of rabid preaching on both sides of the fence."

 MSI NX6800 GeForce 6800 128MB @ GamePC Labs

"Today at GamePC, we've taken a look at MSI's new NX6800 graphics card, which is based on the GeForce 6800 GPU. The GeForce 6800 is derived from nVidia's NV40 graphics core, but is neutered somewhat as it only has twelve of the sixteen pixel pipelines active. MSI has taken this GPU and produced one of the least expensive and quietest NV40 cards to date."

 Kingwin Arctic Liquid Cooler @ Bjorn3D

"Newcomers to the PC enthusiast community may be set back by all of the talk of keeping your system properly cooled. There's the traditional heatsink and fan combo, the watercooling, thermo-electric and even peltier cooling. Kingwin has introduced a watercooling kit into the market that is simple to set up and can help a new or even seasoned enthusiast break into the watercooling arena. The Arctic Liquid Cooler features an all-internal design, multiple radiators and even a GPU waterblock. Read along as I take a closer look at the Arctic Liquid Cooler."

 Shuttle Zen XPC ST62K @ TrustedReviews

"If you've been on the hunt for a small and powerful, yet virtually silent PC, then this could be your dream machine. It might support any Socket 478 Pentium 4, but I've yet to see, or rather hear, any fan equipped system that makes less noise than the Zen XPC ST62K. While there might be only one fan in the Zen you'd nevertheless expect it to make some sort of noise, but the little I could make out was very unintrusive."

That's all I have for you right at the moment friends.  Catch me back here later :) - Cheers

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