Oculus Rift Black Friday Sale Pushes Price To $350 With Touch Controllers

Black Friday is tomorrow, the day when people around the country scurry around to buy stuff at a discount. If you want to get someone on your Christmas list or even yourself into VR gaming as cheaply as possible, the Oculus Rift just got a new price cut that might be appealing. Back in July the Oculus Rift with touch controller got a price cut to $399 for a limited time, making it much more affordable but this Black Friday sale cuts another $50 off that price.


The deal can be had directly via the Oculus store from now until November 27 and you will get the Oculus Rift, Oculus Touch controllers and two sensors for the price. There is a "while supplies last" caveat, but third-party retailers like Newegg, Amazon, Best Buy, and the Microsoft Store are reportedly offering the same $350 bundle price.

The bundle also gets you some games to play on the headset including Lucky's Tale, Robo Recall, Quill, Toy Box, Dead and Buried, and Medium from Best Buy, Amazon, and Microsoft. If you buy via Newegg or direct from Oculus you get those six free games plus Dragon Front.

If you want to take advantage of room-scale VR gaming with this bundle, you will need a third sensor. That additional sensor will tack on another $60. With that room-scale experience, you get 360-degree head tracking and motion detection. This bundle is nearly half the cost of the Rift when it first launched at $600 and when the device first launched you also had to but the controllers driving the cost up to $800. This $350 bundle isn’t all you need, you must also have a PC that will run the headset, so if you lack that, be prepared to spend significantly more than the $350 to start VR gaming.