NZXT Guardian Case, ATI Radeon 9800 AIW and More

Good evening friends, I am glad to see you are back :)  It looks as if fall has arrived here in the Canadian portion of the HH labs.  With a small amount of frost on the grass this morning, the leaves should soon be hitting the ground very shortly.  Though raking is not my favourite job, I surely enjoy the fantastic visuals that come along with this season.  

 NZXT Guardian Case Review @

"Having seen a NZXT Guardian case previous to the influx of reviews on the internet, I quickly contacted NZXT for a review sample. I was excited, because I had not seen anything quite like this before. Being a reviewer, I noticed a few slight flaws right away, but I needed to do a through look over before I passed any judgment. Continue on please..."

 ATI Radeon All-in-Wonder 9800 Pro @ Bytesector

"ATI has been an industry leader in computer graphics for many years now. They currently lead the market with their top of the line X800 graphics card and have just released their All-in-Wonder version of the X800, but who has an extra $600++ sitting around to spend on the top of the line graphics card? The solution, jump down one level to the 9800 Pro VPU and grab an All-in-Wonder graphics card for less than $400! The Radeon 9800 VPU has many of ATI's latest, non-HD, features available at your finger tips. The card is slightly older than the AIW 9600 Pro and therefore doesn 't come with a built-in FM tuner, but other than that, the VPU jumps far ahead of most of the competition. I'll tell you why and explain some of the more technical details as we get into the review."

 Thermalright XP-90 P4/K8 Heatsink @ SystemCooling

"Thermalright recognized the needs of the latest generations of hot-running processors, and the result of their efforts is a something they call Light 'N' Easy. This concept is based on efficiency rather than brute force, and is epitomized by the spidery XP-120. With its aluminum construction, huge surface area, and five heat pipes, the XP-120 is marvelously effective, but in some cases its large size creates compatibility issues. Thermalright's response to this problem was to introduce the XP-90, which takes its design cues from the Light 'N' Easy concept, but in a package substantially smaller than the XP-120."

 DFI LANPARTY UT 915P-T12 @ Phoronix

"DFI, one of the world's largest motherboard manufacturers, has become quite popular in the past few years partially due to the success of their LANPARTY line of motherboards. More recently, DFI has released their LANPARTY UT series that consists of motherboards sporting the new Intel Socket-T, along with more UV sensitive items. The motherboard we will be experimenting with in this article is the DFI LANPARTY UT 915P-T12, which implements the i915P chipset." Review: ASUS AX800XT/2DT PCI-Express

"The ASUS AX800XT/2DT package has a number of positive features going for it. The card is small, well-built, quiet, and looks damn good. The very fact that you can pop it into a small PCIe-based system is a real bonus. ATI/ASUS also use a native PCI-Express design with no bridge chip in between. The benefits of the faster PCIe link won't manifest themselves until applications require massive streaming from motherboard to GPU (and vice-versa), but it's nice to know that architectural bottlenecks aren't going to hold up progress."

 Abit KV8 Pro Review @ AMD Zone

"uGuru gives Abit the most advanced bios and monitoring features of any board out there. You can keep tabs on everything from your system up time to the voltages. Speaking of voltages you have more voltage settings for more components than in any other Socket 754 board. The board also comes with some great documentation. Stability of the board is good, and the price is competitive for the features it buys."

That's all I have for you this round friends.  I will catch you back here in the AM :) - Cheers