NXP Looks to Revolutionize Mobile Audio Performance with TFA9887 IC Audio System

In the press release announcing NXP’s new audio system that portends to jack up the output power of tiny mobile device speakers by a factor of 5, NXP director of marketing Shawn Scarlett hit the nail on the head with this quote: “Digital natives have come of age taking poor mobile sound quality for granted. As speakers have become smaller, the quiet, tinny sound we’ve come to associate with mobile devices has got even worse.”

NXP is out to change all that with the NXP TFA9887 IC audio system, which includes an embedded algorithm that can drive over 2.6W RMS through speakers that, up to this point, were only capable of 0.5W without causing damage to the speakers. The system uses adaptive excursion control, real-time temperature protection, and current-sensing amplification to intelligently maximize the audio performance while sensing and adjusting to aspects such as enclosure damage and battery voltage.

NXP audio system chip

The NXP TFA9887 IC system is on a single chip and features NXP’s own CoolFlux audio DSP amp and DC-to-DC boost converter.

NXP excursion limit

NXP calls the new micro driver “revolutionary”, and we surely hope it is. Any improvement to mobile device speaker performance is most welcome.