NVIDIA's Omniverse Is Coming To Apple Vision Pro To Unlock Next-Gen 3D Experiences

nvidia vision pro hero
NVIDIA’s Omniverse is coming to Apple’s Vision Pro headset, which is a big win for Apple as it tries to position the Vision Pro in the enterprise market. This partnership will enable Vision Pro users to accomplish design tasks such as 3D modeling on a digital twin, which is an accurate digital representation of a physical object that can be continuously updated in real time.

Developers will be able to make use of a new framework of Omniverse Cloud APIs to create applications for the Vision Pro. Of course, these applications will be powered by NVIDIA’s Graphics Delivery Network that will stream the experience to a user working on their Vision Pro headset.

NVIDIA appears to be a big believer in the Vision Pro, and expects it to be a useful tool in the enterprise space because of the impressive hardware Apple has managed to put inside the device. Rev Lebaredian, vice president of simulation at NVIDIA, says that “Apple Vision Pro is the first untethered device which allows for enterprise customers to realize their work without compromise.”

nvidiia vision pro body

There are several scenarios where NVIDIA says that this combination of spatial computing and Omniverse experiences will deliver value. Users who need to have perfect representations of models, new e-commerce experiences, and designers looking to find optimal factory configurations might be able to benefit from this new workflow.

This is a mutually beneficial partnership by Apple and NVIDIA. Apple needs to be able to justify the high price tag of the vision pro, and being useful to enterprise customers is a good way to accomplish that goal. Meanwhile, NVIDIA connect directly with Apple and ultimately gains more users for its cloud services.