NVIDIA Unveils Tegra Note Tablet Reference Design Starting At $199

Ah, there it is. The rumored NVIDIA Tab device is the NVIDIA Tegra Note--not a device per se, but a platform. NVIDIA is essentially providing a reference platform other companies can use to released branded tablets. (This appears to be in the spirit of a continuation of NVIDIA’s Project KAI, which provided a reference design for Tegra 3 tablets, including the Google Nexus 7.)

The 7-inch (1280x800, IPS display) Tegra Note platform features a quad-core NVIDIA Tegra 4 processor with a 72-core GeForce GPU, 16GB of onboard storage, rear 5MP camera and front webcam, front-facing stereo speakers, micro HDMI connector, and the latest Android OS.

NVIDIA Tegra Note

The device purports to last 10 hours on a battery charge, and any software updates will come OTA from NVIDIA. With a Bluetooth connection, the device can be used as a game controller, and users get access to TegraZone.

One of the premiere features of the platform is the stylus; with a Digital Stylus Pro Pack, users get a writing implement with interchangeable tips, broader stroke control, and a handful of bundled apps.

NVIDIA Tegra Note

Tablets built on the Tegra Note platform are coming in October from the likes of EVGA, PNY Technologies, Oysters, Zotac, Colorful, XOLO, Gigabyte, and more.