NVIDIA Announces SHIELD TV 16GB Price Cut Bundle For Just $179, Pre-Orders Start Today

NVIDIA has announced that it has pre-orders kicking off today for a 16GB SHIELD TV (you can read our review here) bundled with the just SHIELD remote for $179, which represents a $20 price break. NVIDIA does still offer the version with the remote and a game controller for $199.

shield tv

For people needing more than 16GB of internal storage space, you can also get the SHIELD Pro with 500GB of storage for $299. SHIELD TV does offer a USB port for expanding storage if 16GB isn't enough, but you don't want to drop the cash for the 500GB Pro version. At the new $179 price point, the SHIELD TV does still support console quality game streaming and you can add the controller later if you want to play games.

shieldtv package

All the content that you purchased or own on Google Play is available on SHIELD TV, meaning movies and episodes of your favorite TV shows. Google Play Movies and TV landed in an update for the SHIELD TV in April 2017. Any Android TV apps are available as well including Netflix, Amazon Video, Hulu, Spotify and Pandora, (among others). The streaming device supports up to 4K HDR content so you can watch "The Defenders" on Netflix in 4K glory.

Pre-orders are underway right now, and the new $179 SHIELD TV bundle will ship on October 18.