Google Play Movies And TV Update Solidifies NVIDIA SHIELD As Ultimate 4K Streaming Device

Shield TV 4K HDR 3
There’s no doubt that the NVIDIA SHIELD TV is an incredibly powerful media platform that not only allows for immersive gaming, but also supports popular 4K streaming services. Powered by a Tegra X1 processor (which also powers the incredibly popular Nintendo Switch), the SHIELD TV does battle with devices like the Apple TV, Fire TV and various Roku models.

Today, NVIDIA is expanding the streaming capabilities of the SHIELD TV by adding 4K streaming support for Google Play Movies and TV. The SHIELD TV already had 4K streaming support for services like YouTube, Netflix and Amazon Video (among others), but the inclusion of Google Play Movies and TV now puts the media streamer far above all others when it comes to 4K media. In addition, today’s software update adds 4K Google Cast support, allowing you to beam 4K content from your mobile device to a TV.

NVIDIA says that this strong showing proves that the SHIELD TV is “hands down the best streaming media player for 4K content”.

4k support

We should also mention that Apple, which arguably initiated our voracious appetite for digital content (thanks to the iPod and the iTunes Music Store) does not even offer a 4K-compatible player for consumers despite the steady rise in compatible large-screen TVs.

NVIDIA last updated its SHIELD TV in early January at CES, adding 4K HDR support and integration with the Google Assistant. The latest SHIELD TV also supports NVIDIA Spot, which are tiny listening devices that plug directly into a wall outlet for power and connect via Wi-Fi. They are able to pick up your voice using far-field processing, echo cancellation, and beam-forming to give you the full power of the Google Assistant (and SmartThings integration) from any room in your house.

The SHIELD TV is available now for $199 and comes with a wireless remote and game controller.