NVIDIA to launch GeForce 9 Series in February

According to a story on the Digitimes website, NVIDIA will be launching their next-gen high-end GPU line this coming February, under the GeForce 9 series brand.

"Nvidia is ready for its next-generation GPU launch. According to sources at graphics card makers, the company plans to launch its GeForce 9 series GPU after the Lunar New Year in February.

The first chip to rollout in the GeForce 9 family will be the D9E, a high-end product that adopts 65nm manufacturing. The new product will also support DirectX 10.1 and Shader Model 4.1, revealed the sources.

In addition to the D9E, Nvidia will roll out a mid-range GeForce 9 family product named D9P in June 2008. The new GPU will adopt 55nm processing, the sources pointed out."

If this information is accurate, it looks like all the discussion regarding RV670's support for DX10.1 may be moot.  It also means that NVIDIA's next high-end GPU is not a derivative of the G92 used in the 8800 GT and upcoming revised 8800 GTS, but a new architecture, likely with other new features besides support for DX10.1.

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