NVIDIA Teases Next-Gen Hopper GPU Reveal At GTC 2022, Here's What To Expect

NVIDIA CEO Jensen Huang
Whether we're talking about refreshes of current generation products or next-gen parts under development, NVIDIA pretty much always has new GPUs in the hopper. That includes right now, and NVIDIA is "hopped up" to discuss what's next at its upcoming GTC 2022 event. Sensing a theme here? If not, we're 'hoppy' to tell you what it is.

In a word, Hopper. In more words, Hopper is the rumored codename of an unreleased GPU architecture, though not for the consumer sector. That's to say, Hopper isn't expected to power the eventual GeForce RTX 4000 series (that's what Ada Lovelace is for), and will instead find a home in the data center where it will accelerate high performance computing (HPC) workloads.

NVIDIA's careful wording strongly suggests it will unveil Hopper in the coming days.

"Each GTC, Huang introduces powerful new ways to accelerate computing of all kinds, and tells a story that puts the latest advances in perspective. Expect Huang to introduce new technologies, products, and collaborations with some of the world's leading companies," NVIDIA states in a blog post.

NVIDIA's GTC 2022 event runs from March 21-24. It's a virtual conference this year, with a keynote scheduled to be livestreamed on Tuesday, March 22 at 8:00am PT (11:00am ET). Registration is not required to view it (current and recent graduates should register anyway, though, for a chance to win a free GeForce RTX 3090 graphics card autographed by Huang), and if you miss the livestream, you can still catch it after-the-fact in on-demand form.

The entire event will span 900 sessions from a whole bunch of partners, such as Amazon, DeepMind, Epic Games, Google Brain, Microsoft, NASA, NFL, Walt Disney, and many more. Topics of coverage include accelerated computing, deep learning, data science, digital twins, networking, quantum computing, data center computing, and cloud and edge computing. And of course AI will figure prominently during the conference.

"As part of NVIDIA’s commitment to making AI accessible for all developer communities and emerging markets, numerous sessions will showcase how developers and startups in emerging economies are building and scaling AI and data science," NVIDIA says.

Alleged NVIDIA GH100 Hopper GPU Details Leak Ahead Of GTC 2022

NVIDIA GH100 Hopper GPU diagram
Source: Twitter (@Locuza_)

So, what do we know about Hopper? Nothing concrete, though previous rumors suggest NVIDIA's GH100 Hopper GPU could be its biggest GPU by far. And just ahead of the event, a fresh leak claims GH100 will feature eight GPCs, with each cluster sporting nine TPCs with two streaming multiprocessors (SMs) per TPC. That could equate to 144 SMs and 18,432 CUDA cores.

The same leak also claims GH100 will have 48MB of L2 cache (up from 40MB on NVIDIA's GA100 Ampere GPU), and a monolithic design rather than an multi-chip module (MCM) approach. The latter could possible be reserved for GH202.

Assuming a Hopper reveal is imminent, we'll find out more details later this week at GTC 2022.