NVIDIA Slashes GeForce GTX 900 Series Prices To Level-Up Gamers For Holiday Gaming Season

geforce 980 ti 2

Considering the fact that there have been a number of great games released these past few months, and that we're in the midst of the biggest buying season of the year, there's no better time than right now for hardware vendors to begin dropping prices on their kit, paving the way for new product next year.NVIDIA appears to be one such company jumping in on this action before the new month gets here, as a slew of its current model graphics cards are beginning to be treated to subtle or not-so subtle price drops at both Amazon and Newegg.

The company's top-dog GeForce TITAN X has not been discounted as of yet like the rest of the stack, which isn't much of a surprise given its ultra-high-end placement. The next step down, the 980 Ti, has been seeing some drops though, with $600 (versus $649 SRP) seen regularly. In fact, in some cases, the after mail-in rebate price has dipped below $600, but as far as we can tell, those have all been snatched and are effectively sold-out.

EVGA GeForce GTX 960 4GB SuperSC Edition

The $500 GTX 980 is also seeing some nice slashes, with cards as low as $430 after mail-in rebate. Meanwhile, the excellent "sweet spot" GTX 970 can be had for as low as $270 after mail-in rebate. As for the lower-end GTX 960, it can be found for as low as $165 after mail-in rebate, which is $35 less than SRP. That'd make an awesome choice for a DIY Steam Machine or home theater PC.

At this point, it seems likely that these price changes are ramping up, so if you're in the market for any one of these GeForce models, we'd recommend stalking both Amazon and Newegg, because when the really good deals appear, they seem to disappear almost instantly.