NVIDIA Shows Off Digital Pen-and-Eraser Stylus for Tegra 4-Based Tablets

Although it was a standard implement years ago, few mobile devices today come with a digital stylus. Samsung, with its Galaxy Note products, is an exception, and now NVIDIA is getting in on the action with a digital stylus of its own.

Powered by NVIDIA DirectStylus technology, the “low cost” pen (NVIDIA didn’t specify a price) is pressure-sensitive, so users can vary the thickness of a drawn line by adding or reducing pressure. The other end of the stylus functions just like an eraser--which also recognizes and reacts to applied pressure.

NVIDIA DirectStylus

NVIDIA says the technology can recognize the difference between the stylus tip, its eraser, a finger, and a palm, so ostensibly using the stylus would be akin to using one on e-ink paper that doesn’t recognize human digital input.

The company also pointed out that while some stylii on the marker are 5mm thick (and require users to separately select a line thickness or require a dedicated digitizer), this one’s tip is just 1.5mm. The part responsible for all the stylus-related processing is NVIDIA’s Tegra 4 chip; thus, if you want to play with the DirectStylus pen, you’ll need a tablet running NVIDIA's latest silicon.