NVIDIA Shows Off Digital Ira Faceworks Demo Running On Next-Gen Logan Mobile SoC

NVIDIA is holding a tech event currently in Montreal to showcase a number of the tools and technologies the company has developed to foster state of the art in game development. The event will be taking place over the next two days and we’re told there will be a number of newsworthy items revealed.

The morning of Day 1 began with NVIDIA’s VP of Content and Technology, Tony Tomasi talking about “The Way It’s Meant To Be Played” initiative. He outlined a number of existing games that already leverage NVIDIA technology, like PhysX and Waveworks, and discussed a number of new or upcoming games, like Batman: Arkham Origins, that will use NVIDIA tech as well.

NVIDIA Battle Tool Running On Ubuntu Linux

Tomasi then moved on to talk about the tools and development platform, dubbed Gameworks, that NVIDIA has produced to help games developers integrate all of NVIDIA’s various technologies. Many of the tools are available for various operating systems, like Windows, Linux and OSX, which NV

Digital Ira Running On NVIDIA Logan Dev Kit

During his talk, Tomasi took a moment to show off Faceworks, and the “Digital Ira” face that they’ve demoed at various events over the last year or so. This particular demo was a little different, however, in that it was running on Logan test kit. If you're unfamiliar, Logan is the codename for one of NVIDIA’s next-gen mobile SoCs, which features a Kepler-based GPU, like current GeForce GTX 600 and 700 series parts.  The demo ran perfectly smooth and the quality of imagery was as good as we’ve seen on any other platform to date.

NVIDIA Logan SoC Dev Kit Hardware

There weren’t many technical details revealed, but it has been previously noted that Logan will feature a Kepler-based GPU and support CUDA 5 and OpenGL 4.3 “out of the box”. Logan, which according to NVIDIA CEO Jen-Hsun is “the size of a dime” will offer up to 3X the compute performance of current solutions with full production starting early next year.

Stay tuned to HotHardware for more news from NVIDIA’s event over the coming hours. We’ll be posting up some of the juicier tid bits as they’re disclosed.