NVIDIA SHIELD Experience 8.1.1 Update Brings New Features, Tons Of Fixes For 2019 SHIELD TVs

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Around this time last month, NVIDIA issued its SHIELD Experience 8.0.2 update, which brought support for the Xbox Elite 2 wireless controller and Sanskrit USB DAC along with some updates to the Channels DVR app for previous generation SHIELD TV devices (2015 and 2017 editions). Now, NVIDIA has issued SHIELD Experience 8.1.1, which brings those same updates to the 2019 editions of the SHIELD TV and SHIELD TV Pro.

SHIELD Experience 8.1.1 also brings some additional features to the 2019 SHIELD TV and SHIELD TV Pro including 16-bit DAC support for Dolby Decoded content, Bluetooth support for the WeChip G30 remote, IR volume control support for Logitech Z906 speaker system, and the inclusion of a prompt warning that AI upscaling is not available on rooted/unlocked devices.

Here’s NVIDIA’s full changelog for the SHIELD Experience 8.1.1 update:


  • Resolves issues detecting Dolby Vision TVs that also support HDR10+
  • Resolves brightness issue on TVs that support Dolby Vision and HDR10+
  • Resolves cast playback issues when switching between HDR and SDR content
  • Fixes bug where Dolby Vision would not be detected when connecting to some LG or Samsung soundbars
  • Fixes bug where screensaver would not be displayed in Netflix
  • Fixes bug where “Match Color Space” was not working properly on some TVs
  • Fixes stutter issue observed when playing interlaced video for ~15 minutes
  • Fixes system hang issue when enabling/disabling “Match content color space” while playing Dolby Vision content on Netflix
  • Reduces occurrences of red flashes when watching Dolby Vision content
  • Fixes bug where “Match frame rate” would not work on Dolby Vision content


  • Disabling “Fixed Volume” will now disable Dolby audio processing
  • Fixes bug where Atmos streams would still be detected even if non-Atmos content is played
  • Fixes bug where audio would not be heard on Vizio TVs when streaming from VUDU/Movies Anywhere
  • Fixes bug where audio popping would be heard on headphones when Dolby audio processing is enabled
  • Resolves issue with high bit rate audio dropping audio at fixed locations. Note: This fixe will apply to apps using SHIELDs audio engine like
  • Plex/Photos & Videos. Kodi has its own engine which has not fixed this bug yet so the fix will not apply to Kodi and apps like it.-Adds 16-bit DAC support for Dolby Decoded content
  • Fixes bug where audio passthrough was not available over USB DAC on 3rd party apps like KODI (Requires KODI 18.5 or 18.6 nightly builds)
  • Fixes bug when manually setting “Audio formats” would not be applied
  • Fixes bug when using Google Home where volume would be reduced but not restored
  • Fixes rare bug where IR volume control would stop working
  • Resolves audio routing issues when using multiple USB devices (e.g. webcam + USB DAC)
  • Adds support for Sanskrit USB DAC
  • Fixes bug where PCM would be streamed if Dolby ATMOS is manually selected in “Available Formats”
  • Displays correct audio stream name under and adds detection support for EAC_JOC(DD+) streams (Settings -> Status-> HDMI ->Audio Mode)
  • Fixes bug where audio would not play after enabling PCM output only mode (Available formats)


  • Fixes issue transferring large files when connecting PC to SHIELD
  • Fixes bug where soft reboot would be seen when “Restart Wi-Fi” was selected

elite series 2 controller

  • Adds support for XBOX Elite 2 controller
  • Add bluetooth support for WeChip G30 remote
  • Adds IR volume control support for Logitech Z906 speaker system
  • Fixes crash issues when accessory update notification is seen
  • Fixes bug where IR control setup would fail on Samsung AVR/soundbars
  • Fixes bug where IR control would not function when Talkback is enabled
  • Fixes bug where IR volume control would stop working when enabled
  • Fixes bug where remote locator would not work when SHIELD is asleep
  • Improves volume control for 2015 remote and controller
  • Fixes SHIELD Remote 2019 bug where battery would drain quickly when IR control enabled
  • Fixes bug where “send Menu command to app” was not working properly
  • Resolves pointer issue when using RS mouse on network captive portal registration
  • Fixes rare bug where pressing power button would not sleep SHIELD if video is playing
  • Improves SHIELD stability when connecting multiple Bluetooth devices


  • Fixes bug where “Dolby Vision” quick setting is not updated according to display setting
  • Channels DVR app can now store recorded content over NAS
  • Fixes bug where pre-installed apps would disappear
  • Fixes issue where long press home would not bring up NVIDIA Share
  • Fixes bug where settings would crash when selecting system language
  • Adds message informing user AI upscaling not available on rooted/unlocked devices
  • Fixes bug where “Ok Google” hotword activation requires reboot
  • Resolves rare bug where Netflix would crash when invoking app switcher (double press home)
  • Improves text when displaying most recent SHIELD wake event (Settings -> About -> Status -> Uptime)

nvidia shield tv pro 4
NVIDIA launched its all-new 2019 editions of the SHIELD TV Pro and SHIELD TV in October after both had leaked thanks to some overzealous Best Buy employees. The NVIDIA Tegra X1+ SoC included in both media streamers – which boasts a 25 percent bump in performance -- is capable of 4K playback, and supports Dolby Vision, Dolby Atmos, and Dolby Digital standards.

The new SHIELD TV is the odd-looking one of the pair, with a cylindrical shape and storage expansion that’s only available via a microSD slot. The SHIELD TV Pro’s design is more in keeping with its forebears and features dual USB 3.0 ports for storage expansion. Both devices come with NVIDIA’s brand-new SHIELD TV Remote which includes backlit buttons and dedicated controls for volume/mute along with a remote locator feature.