NVIDIA Quad SLI Specs and Information

Remember when SLI was the answer to all your performance dreams? You know, you get a couple of great cards, throw them in your system, and nothing could be better... right? Well actually yeah, things can get better, with Quad SLI! If you need something to drool over tonight, make sure to skip on over to PC Perspective to check out some information and pics on Quad SLI.

"There is a new chip on the card that NVIDIA developed that acts as a physical PCI Express bus splitter. It takes the single physical X16 PCIe slot that is fed to the card and splits it into two full X16 PCIe connections; one to each GPU. This logic is then responsible for the merging of the data back into a single X16 PCIe connection when it goes back across the bus. The two PCBs are connected under the SLI bridge connections with a custom interconnect that allows the two GPUs to function in SLI mode. Also you'll see there are TWO SLI bridge connectors on this single card -- each of those will be in use when your pair up two of these bad boys."
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