NVIDIA Preparing GeForce 7950 GT

Fudo over at The Inquirer reports that NVIDIA is preparing to launch a new GeForce 7950 GT to combat ATI's upcoming RV570 GPU. The latest addition to the GeForce family of GPU's boasts a 550MHz core frequency and is equipped with 512MB of RAM operating at a healthy 700MHz. Furthermore, the $299 card is rumored to have 24 pipelines, dual DVI link, and native HDCP support.

"The card supports HDCP, has dual-DVI link, twenty-four pipelines and 512MB of memory. It will launch on the 14th of September and it scores 4687 in 3Dmark06, some 180 more than ATI's RV570, at least according to Nvidia's own slides...The only trouble for Nvidia is that ATI's RV570 will end up much cheaper than Nvidia expects. I guess this also helps explain why ATI was so keen to keep to its August launch date."

Sources indicate that this card will be launched around September 14, which is the original launch date ATI was going to use for the launch of their new Radeon X1950 XTX before they were pushed into launching on August 23.

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