NVIDIA Offers Free Gears Of War 4 Goodness To Gamers Who Use GeForce Experience 3.0 And Game Ready Drivers

NVIDIA has been pushing its GeForce Experience application hard over the past couple of months, and for good reason. The software's name is apt -- it improves the GeForce gaming experience, which for some users could mean having the best in-game detail settings automatically determined, while for others, it could mean having a solid game-recorder tool at-the-ready, any time it is needed.

Gears of War 492)

NVIDIA recently piled on yet another perk to GFE -- free games. Right now, the company is giving away copies of Gears of War 4 to some gamers who simply use GeForce Experience 3.0, and are logged into the app. You can sign up for an NVIDIA account to do this, or simply use your Google or Facebook account. Logging in automatically enters you into these game giveaways.

There's a good reason why NVIDIA likes to promote GoW4. The game is an absolute beaut on the PC, and has more graphics details to tweak than you can shake a rifle at. There are so many options available that NVIDIA even posted an in-depth tweaking guide for the game.

GeForce Experience 3

If a free game isn't enough to convince you to try GFE, then you might need to check out our beginner's guide, published just a couple of weeks ago. If you're a GeForce user, we feel confident in saying that your experience will be better with GFE. Make no mistake: GoW4 is just the start of NVIDIA's giveaways. You should sign up before a game you really want happens to pop up, as NVIDIA has thus far given away at least four different titles since the release of GFE 3.0.