NVIDIA Named Company of the Year

Due to its growth and increasing market share in 2007, NVIDIA has been named Forbes Magazine's Company of the Year.

"They accost him at airports. They pump him for technical information at conferences. Even his son is on his case. When you sell a product that tens of millions of videogame fanatics rely on, there is no escape. Nvidia Chief Executive Jen-Hsun Huang came home one evening in 2003 to find the latest copy of Maximum PC magazine waiting for him. Inside was a harsh review of Nvidia's new graphics card, the brawny set of microchips that makes the aliens and bullets come to three-dimensional life on a personal computer.

"Dad," Huang's then 13-year-old son Spencer, an avid gamer, wrote on a sticky note stuck to the page, "I think you need to kick it up a notch."

There aren't many technical details about NVIDIA or hints about the company's future plans, but they do say NVIDIA intends to release their next-gen products this spring.

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