NVIDIA Launches 1GB Graphics Card

The Inquirer reports that NVIDIA has just launched their first 1GB graphics card with the arrival of the new Quadro FX 5500. Based on the powerful G71 GPU, this new graphics card will be packed with a whopping 1GB of GDDR3 memory. For those who can't afford the high price of the 1GB model, there will be 512MB and 256MB variants which should be significantly cheaper. It seems that just when the industry was getting used to the idea of 512MB cards, the bar has been raised once again. Now the real question is how long until we see consumer-based gaming cards showing up with 1GB of memory?

It will be a PCIe card and boast a total of 33.6 GB/sec bandwidth. Nvidia has two more SKUs (Stock Keeping Units) branded as Quadro FX 4500 and 4000. The first has 512MB memory while the latter has 256MB, but the Quadro FX 4000 has AGP interface. Nvidia is also preparing a few more SKUs based on its new 90 nanometre chips: Quadro FX 3500 GPU, NVIDIA Quadro FX 1500 GPU, NVIDIA Quadro FX 560 GPU, NVIDIA Quadro FX 550 GPU and Quadro FX 350 GPU.