NVIDIA Interview

Our friends across the pond at Bit-Tech have posted an interview with NVIDIA's Roy Taylor dealing with the company's 'The Way It's Meant To Be Played' program, DirectX 10, Vista, and a number of other topics...
"Last week, we had the chance to talk with Roy Taylor about how Nvidia works with developers under its The Way It’s Meant To Be Played developer relations programme. In addition, we talked about some of the games that are coming out in the near future and also touched on where PC gaming is heading in the future.

Roy was previously Vice President of worldwide GPU sales at Nvidia and in September 2006 he moved to become Vice President of Content Relations. He is now responsible for the development and support of third-party PC games along with Nvidia developer tools and publications."
There is some very good information in this interview and plenty of really cool screenshots from upcoming games like Crysis.
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