NVIDIA Issues A GPU Hotfix To Address Last Of Us Crashes And Fixes For These Games

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Naughty Dog continues to make headway in stomping out bugs in The Last of Us Part I on PC and has issued another patch, its third one so far this week. In addition, the developer is advising GeForce RTX 30 series graphics card owners to download a GPU hotfix from NVIDIA, which among other things is supposed to help resolve random crashes while playing the PC port.

Starting with the hotfix, NVIDIA's optional 531.58 update is based on the 'Game Ready' 531.41 driver with the addition of a handful of fixes for three different games. As far as Naughty Dog is concerned, the most relevant one applies to The Last of Us Part 1, but it also addresses "stability issues" in Assassin's Creed Origins and corruption when FXAA is enabled in Resident Evil 4 Remake.

Note that in regards to The Last of Us Part 1, the GPU hotfix only applies to the GeForce RTX 30 series. There's nothing listing in the release notes to suggest that owners of a GeForce RTX 40 series graphics card will see any difference with the hotfix installed. However, no distinction exists for the other two games.

Character submerged in water in The Last of Us Part I.
In addition to NVIDIA's hotfix, Naughty Dog announced a new version patch is now live for The Last of Us Part 1. It addresses the following bugs on PC...
  • Fixed an issue which could cause the Xbox controller stick inputs to erroneously read as zeros for brief periods of time
  • Fixed an issue where the 'Reset to Default' function in the Graphics menu under Settings could make improper selections
  • Fixed an issue where the HUD performance monitors could impact performance when enabled
  • Fixed an issue where a crash could occur when using [ALT+ENTER] to toggle between Fullscreen and Windowed modes
  • Fixed an issue where a memory crash could occur during the transition from the end of the game into the credits sequence
  • Fixed an issue that could cause a crash while the game launched
  • Added additional crash report logs to provide further insight for developers
"We at Naughty Dog and our partners at Iron Galaxy are closely watching player reports to support future improvements and patches. We are actively optimizing, working on game stability, and implementing additional fixes which will all be included in regularly released future updates," Naughty Dog said.

Naughty Dog and Sony have both been criticized for releasing what many gamers consider to be a shoddy port. The much-anticipated release on PC arrived with numerous frustrating issues, including random game crashes, long shader compile times, stuttering mouse movements, and other issues.

To be fair, not everyone is running issues on the PC port. However, the bugs affected enough people to result in an initially 'Mostly Negative' rating on Steam, which has since been upgrade to 'Mixed' as the result of continued patches.

Despite all the fixes, though, the list of known issues has grown since launch. The full list, which was updated within the past day, looks like this...
  • Loading shaders takes longer than expected
  • Performance and stability is degraded while shaders are loading in the background
  • Older graphics drivers leads to instability and/or graphical problems
  • Game may be unable to boot despite meeting the minimum system requirements
  • A potential memory leak
  • Mouse and camera jitter for some players, depending on hardware and display settings
  • Corrupted-appearing/neon textures in game
  • [The Quarantine Zone] Playable characters and NPCs could randomly appear wet
  • [The Quarantine Zone] Tess NPC may T-pose and float
Those last three are newer additions to the list of known issues.

Regarding NVIDIA's hotfix, note that you'll need to manually download and install it, as these out-of-band updates are not delivered through the GeForce Experience utility. Alternatively, you can wait for the next regular driver update, which will include everything in the hotfix.