Nvidia Fears Not Sandy Bridge's "Basic" Graphics

Sandy Bridge is coming! Sandy Bridge is coming! Given all the hoopla surrounding Intel's next-generation processors with built-in graphics that promise to decimate today's integrated chipsets, discrete videocard makers should be trembling in their knickerbockers, right? Not so fast, Johhny Come Lately, maybe Sandy Bridge will prove to be all that a bag of silicon chips, but as far as Nvidia is concerned, discrete GPUs aren't bound for obsolescence.

Nvidia says that "demand from OEMs for discrete graphics solutions remains strong and above historic levels," and the GPU maker holds firm in Mercury Research's prediction that discrete GPU shipments will double between 2009 and 2014. Why is that?

"Unlike basic graphics graphics integrated into Sandy Bridge CPUs, GeForce GPUs provided advanced features and increased compatibility for the latest PC games including those based on Microsoft DirectX 11," Nvidia explains.

Yep, despite all the claims from Intel that Sandy Bridge's graphics core is far and away better than today's integrated GPUs, Nvidia contends there will be plenty of demand for something more than "basic" pixel pushing power. In fact, Nvidia says PC manufacturers are gearing up to launch a record 200 new products featuring Nvidia GeForce GPUs in the first half of 2011.