NVIDIA DualTV MCE Tuner Card Review

If you've ever thought about adding a TV tuner to your PC, Digital Trends has the scoop on NVIDIA's relatively new DualTV MCE Tuner this evening.  This is a killer tuner than can record one channel, while you're watching another. Our man Jeff took one for a spin a few weeks ago too and really liked it. Our review is available here if you want a little more detail on the product.

"The DualTV MCE from NVIDIA is an analog dual TV tuner that transforms a Windows XP machine into a PVR. With dual tuners built-in, you can record two different TV shows simultaneously, while watching a third, previously recorded show. Or, if you'd like to use the first tuner to pause and rewind live TV, you'll still be able to record another show in the background. With competing products such as the ATI TV Wonder Elite, you'd only be able to record one show at a time. If you wanted to pause/rewind live TV with the TV Wonder Elite, you wouldn't be able to do anything else at the same time."


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