NVIDIA Debuts 21 Ion-Based Products At Computex

Now that the doors have flung wide open at Computex, it's time for the likes of NVIDIA to get down to business. With Intel and AMD announcing rather large launches this evening, it's only fair for NVIDIA to toot its own horn as well. After jointly introducing the world's first Ion-based netbook last week with Lenovo, the graphics maker has chosen the stage in Taiwan to introduce 21 "new" products that utilize the firm's nForce Ion graphics set.

Granted, we've actually heard of some of these -- Acer's Aspire Revo, for one -- but most of 'em are completely fresh. We've got nettops, desktops, all-in-one PCs, motherboards and even a "Kitchen PC" in the mix, so there's sure to be at least something for you in the launch. Companies such as Acer, AsRock, Asus, Colorful, ECS, Flextronics, Funtwist, ICD, Lenovo and MSI have joined NVIDIA in the celebration, and that's just a handful.

Needless to say, Ion is here -- and it's not going anywhere. Firms such as Intel best get serious about integrated GPUs, 'cause there's little hope for the underpowered GMA 950 in a world full of Ions. Frankly, we're thrilled to see this invention catching on. Netbooks need "real" graphics in the worst way, and we certainly hope this is just the beginning of skyrocketing demand for high-powered, energy-sipping GPU chipsets. NVIDIA's full report is just below.