NVIDIA 6800 GS Shootout

Anandtech has gathered GeForce 6800 GS cards from several vendors and has compiled a shootout to determine which card offers the best bang for the buck. Without question, this mainstream GPU has gathered a significant amount of popularity for its price/performance ratio. Although you're sure to have an excellent card regardless of which vendor you choose, this roundup might just provide you with enough reason to favor a particular vendor.

NVIDIA's 6800 GS does in fact seem like the card that most gamers will be looking to aim for a solid mid-range upgrade, especially if unlocking the pipelines of the X800 GTO isn't something that sounds like fun to you. As the rest of the 6800 series is phased out, we're now looking ahead in anticipation as to what NVIDIA has in store for us next, and in the meantime, we're sure that many gamers (us included) will be putting their 6800 GSs to good use.
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