"Now I'm a Believer" - Switching from a PC to a Mac

It looks like Graeme Philipson from TheAge.com has made the switch from a PC to a Mac and he couldn't be happier. I get a kick out of articles like this because they always seem to point out Windows' glaring deficiencies and shine the spotlight on the Mac OS' strengths.  As someone who spent a good part of the last 5 years doing software functionality testing and QA work on a variety of Windows and Macintosh machines, I can say from my experience, that the Macintosh platform is no panacea.  It's got its own set of problems and to assert that it's simply "better" is just plain wrong. Having used and owned both platforms for a number of years, you couldn't pay me to ditch my PC.

"So much for the actual migration - painless enough, with the minor glitches one expects when moving. But what is the Mac like to use? In every department, it beats the PC hands down. The machine itself is quite handsome. The file structure and the way all the utilities work are different, but very easy to get used to and far more intuitive than with Windows."