Note: Calling Yourself "Big Crook" Doesn't Help

The first person ever convicted of piracy for offering copies of movies on the peer to peer BitTorrent network has lost his appeal and will serve out the remainder of his three months imprisonment in Hong Kong.  I bet he regrets choosing  "Big Crook" as his logon handle now.

"This judgment has confirmed that it commits a crime and violates copyright laws for the act of using BT software to upload and distribute," said customs official Tam Yiu-keung in a written statement.

He added the judgment would have a deterrent effect, a view endorsed by industry watchdogs such as the Hong Kong branch of the International Federation of the Phonographic Industry.

"Those uploaders and downloaders who wish to rely on the grey areas of the law will have no more excuses," said Ricky Fung, the body's Chief Executive Officer.

Note to filesharing fans: the argument that posting the copies was not a crime,downloading them was, doesn't hold water -- in Hong Kong, anyway.

Big Crook put copies of "Daredevil," Miss Congeniality," and  "Red Planet" on the BitTorrent site. I'd rather spend 90 days in jail than watch those three movies.
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