Nokia's "Stay Tuned" Video Teaser Hints At An Augmented Windows Phone Reality

This week is going to be one to remember in consumer electronics. Nokia, Amazon and countless other companies use the week following Labor Day in order to launch their flagship products for the year, with availability usually planned for pre-holiday shoppers. It's a huge week for them, and it'll be a huge week for fans of all things tech. Nokia isn't wasting any time, however, pushing out a "Stay Tuned!" teaser video that could hint at some of the magic software it plans to reveal inside of presumed Lumia updates this week. New Windows Phone 8 devices are almost certainly coming, but it'll be the software that helps Nokia to stand apart. In the teaser, there's a new augmented reality presented, perhaps integrating with the forthcoming City Lens feature. Is it enough to make you consider switching from iOS or Android? Have a look below to see for yourself.