Nokia Takes On Pandora And Spotify With Nokia MixRadio

It may seem that the world needs another streaming radio service like it needs a hole in the head, but Nokia is driving ahead with a new one called Nokia MixRadio to mix it up (as it were) with the likes of Spotify and Pandora. MixRadio will replace the former Nokia Music service, and it does have some features that competitors don’t, including the fact that you don’t have sign up for anything and the absence of ads.

MixRadio uses your own listening habits--thumbs up, thumbs down--to create a personal listening experience, and the initial offerings will be “weighted” with your favorite artists. The service also scans your locally-stored music and purchased tracks.

Nokia MixRadio

With your cultivated mix ready to roll, you can just hit the “PlayMe” button and listen to your heart’s content. One choice feature is that you can create up to four mixes and then download them for offline play, and it’s easy to share them on social media such as Facebook and Twitter. You can also listen to ready-made mixes created by celebrities and artists.

Of course, there’s a premium level of the service, too. For “just a small monthly fee”, you can enjoy Nokia MixRadio+ which includes unlimited skipping, unlimited offline mixes, and higher-quality over WiFi.