Nokia Rumored to Announce Low-cost Android Phone at MWC

It might be a little late in the game, but rumor has it that Nokia will be unveiling its first-ever Android smartphone at Mobile World Congress later this month - a significant change from being a 100% Windows Phone-focused vendor. It's being said that this phone will target the low-cost market, so it could be that Nokia just wants to dip its toes into the Google water before shaking its portfolio up too much.

This move is made interesting based on the simple fact that Nokia has been focused on Windows for so long, but the intrigue is taken to the next level given that Microsoft is in the process of completing a deal to acquire Nokia's entire handset division.

While Nokia's move here might become a thorn in Microsoft's side, there's something to be said for a vendor that's more open-ended on the OS front. Plus, it seems unlikely that any Android phone from Nokia would harm its WP line. People who choose Lumia / WP tend to because they like it - Android won't likely change their mind.

Given that the "Lumia" name has become synonymous with Windows Phone, it seems highly unlikely that Nokia would slap that same branding on an Android device. Might I suggest Goomia?