Nokia Lumia 920 to Launch November 2nd on AT&T Network

Nokia made a splash this week when it unveiled its lineup of colorful Windows Phone 8 devices, but neglected to mention how much the Lumia 920/820 will cost, when they'll be available, and which carriers will offer them. Well, we can't answer all those questions just yet, but we do know of at least one carrier planning to offer the Lumia 920 in November -- AT&T.

AT&T is reportedly doing some internal testing on the Lumia 920 and is aiming to launch Nokia's flagship Windows phone on November 2nd, well in time for the holiday shopping season. The tests are necessary in order to the certify the device, and it's also worth pointing out that Microsoft hasn't yet finalized its Windows Phone 8 software.

Nokia Lumia 920

Another thing to keep in mind is that the November 2 launch date is only tentative, meaning Nokia could wait until later in the month to release the Lumia 920. It all depends on how well the tests go and whether or not AT&T runs into any issues with the device. On the flip side, the Lumia 920 isn't likely to be available any earlier than November 2, not with Microsoft planning a Windows Phone 8 launch event of its on just days before on October 29.