Nokia Gets Its #GameOn With Android Gaming Smartphone Teaser

Nokia GameOn Phone
It doesn't matter how many times we say this—and we've said it a lot—companies just don't understand there are no mulligans on the Internet. Word to the wise, if you post something online, you can't take it back. We bring this up because Nokia, for a brief blip in time, teased a new gaming phone on its Twitter account in India.

The tweet is no longer available, presumably because Nokia wasn't ready to tease its upcoming phone, and decided to delete it. We're not sure why—there was not much to glean from the teaser, such as detailed specs, price, or any information on when it might launch. However, Nokia did make clear that its upcoming handset is a "phone you can #GameOn."

There were also some gaming scenes, but as for the device itself, what you see in the image above is all that Nokia shared. It's just a glowing outline. Buy hey, at least we can rule out a second coming of the N-Gage, if anyone remembers that monstrosity.

Gaming phones are becoming vogue right now, or at least manufacturers think they are. Razer, for example, is readying another gaming phone after introducing its first model with a 120Hz display and 8GB of RAM. There is also the Xiaomi Blackshark, another gaming-oriented handset with 8GB of RAM, and ASUS recently launched its ROG Phone with a 90Hz display and "ultrasonic" triggers. Then there are the lesser known gaming phones, like the one from Nubia.

There is growing interest in the category. Samsung is reportedly developing a Galaxy gaming phone as well, and if you count it alongside Nokia's mystery device, there could soon be around half a dozen gaming smartphone options to choose from.

Our guess is that Nokia's gaming phone will arrive with a Qualcomm Snapdragon 845 processor, at least 6GB of RAM, and fast display. Beyond that, it is anyone's guess what special features might be in store.