Samsung Reportedly Developing Galaxy Gaming Smartphone To Rival Razer And ASUS

Samsung is working hard to claw its way back to the big profits it enjoyed in years past. An oversaturated smartphone market and competition from Chinese rivals like Huawei and Xiaomi have meant lower sales figures for the South Korean company. One segment that seems to be booming of late is for the gaming-specific smartphone.

razer phone 1

A new rumor is making the rounds that Samsung is looking to get into the gaming smartphone market. That should come as no surprise at all; the company seems to have a device for every type of user. The tweet below comes from a source that reportedly has a good track record with smartphone predictions. No evidence is cited, so a big grain of salt should accompany this news.

What hardware will be inside the alleged Samsung gaming device is unknown, but anything with "gaming" in the name means high-end hardware. Samsung would also need to compete directly against the other heavy-hitters in the gaming smartphone realm like the ASUS ROG Gaming PhoneRazer Phone, Nubia Gaming Phone, and Xiaomi Blackshark.

nubia gaming phone

To compete with those devices, it would need something in the Snapdragon 845 range and a high resolution screen with a good refresh rate. Samsung certainly has all the hardware it needs at its disposal. The vague rumor has nothing resembling a date when we might expect the device.